Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Apologies

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry that I've been gone so long. As you can see by my last post, I have a troubled relationship with food and cooking, and it got overwhelming for a while. I did manage to keep cooking, some of the time at least, but blogging seemed like too much.

Part of the problem is that there was this big wedding at the end of July... that happened to be mine... so I was a little busy! The wedding went great, though, and the food was amazing. We went through all Michigan vendors: Paesano for the Italian buffet, Sandhill Crane Vineyards for the wine, the Jefferson Market Cakery for cupcakes, caramel favors by Nanci Jenkins of Sweet Sensations, plus Michigan-made beers. You can see some wine and cupcakes to the left (and my mother's beautiful table decorating!).

Now that I'm back home, with lots of new toys for the kitchen, a weekly CSA subscription, and no wedding to plan, I'm trying to get back into regular cooking and more frequent blogging. Please bear with me if it takes a while to get back into it. And if you come over for dinner, remind me to take pictures - I keep forgetting.

To tide you over, here's the bread recipe I've been adapting lately to make bread several times a week. It's a ridiculously easy recipe written in a very friendly and approachable way, so if you've never made bread before, it's a good place to start. If you live near me I'd be happy to share some dry yeast; you probably already have the other ingredients.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Katie Mae


  1. I think we all have very complicated relationships with food. Partially it is the way that food has been adopted as a capitalist market, even though we can't expect food to behave that way. Part of it, at least for me, is that I want to be ABOVE food. I'm a little hypoglycemic, so I really do need to eat every few hours. But unfortunately, I resist that with every fiber of my being... and then feel immediately better when I finally eat something. Oh, food. You are essential to our survival, but we vilify you as being too time consuming, or stupid or unnecessary all the time.

  2. Kate, I definitely get "above food" thing. Sometimes I get so angry that I have to eat when i don't want to (of course, it's the hypoglycemia making me angry in the first place...). Especially when I'm already hungry and/or tired, it's hard to find something to eat that is healthy, local, and cost-efficient without taking a ton of time.

    Can you go more in depth with your comment about food being adopted as a capitalist market but not behaving that way? I'm curious.

  3. Congrats on the wedding! Wishing you both much happiness... and many more delicious meals :)

  4. Oh, and thanks for sharing the bread recipe- I want to give it a try soon.